Quick Start

This section instruct how to use obniz by installing obnizOS to a device. Are you rushed? please consider to use pre-installed device obniz Board.

1. Prepare obnizOS available device

You can check supported devices at

Supported Devices

2. Issue DeviceKeys

Before starting, you need to create an account and provide your payment method.


DeviceKey is a privatekey to identify device obnizOS installed. See instructions below.

Generate Device

3. Install obnizOS and write a deviceKey.

Install obnizOS and write a devicekey to your device.

obnizOS can be download for free. Follow below link to install and configure your device.

obnizOS Install

4. Network Setting

To connect a network via Wi-Fi, Wired-LAN or others, configure network setting.

Network Setting

Use obniz

After connection, your device is now connected to obniz Cloud. It can be controlled from js and python and block programs.

Lessons available. Currently, lessons are all for obniz Board. So just refer a examples.