Getting Start

A guide to getting started with IoT with obniz.
This guide covers all products, including obniz Board and obnizOS writing.

In “Getting Started”, the official product is pre-written by obnizOS and you can start using it immediately after purchase. and takes you from program to device.

Click here for preparation and lessons for KIT.

Get started obniz

Prepare a Device

You can either purchase a official device or install obnizOS to your device.

Get a official device

Official device let you to start IoT in few seconds. By adding to your account on obniz Cloud. You can access more features on the cloud for free.

Install obnizOS to your device

You can install obnizOS to obnizOS available devices like ESP32-WROOM32. Cheaper or highly sensor integrated board can be chosen.

Connect electrical components or machines to a device.

Connect sensors, actuators, or existing machines to a device.


Control Connected Components from the Cloud

For Developers:
Create your original software in modern languages.

By using SDK, you can control Connected Components from HTML/Nodejs, Python, or WebsocketAPI. obniz provide Online Editor and Online Block Program Editor(*) are available without sign-in. And also, obniz have some online lessons on this website.

For Everyone:
Use WebApp

We offer many useful applications that can be used immediately without programming, such as Graph temperature or remote control , and so on.

WebApp Store