IO Input detect voltage level as boolean applied to a terminal. “Input” but not receiving something. Input is used for detecting button and other components like sensors stats.

Input by request

input.Wait() will ask to a device for current voltage state as a boolean. Below is a example for io0.

var value = await obniz.io0.inputWait();
if (value) {
  // io0 is high level
} else {
  // io0 is low level

Input Monitor

Change io to input mode for getting notify when changed. It is useful when state change is not expectable and don’t want to miss it.

set a callback function using input()

  console.log("changed to " + value);

Frequency is depends on network speed. You may miss some datas when input change is so frequent or fast.

Ending input

Same as io.output(). Call io.end().

  console.log("changed to " + value);

Level for true/false

Voltage level for detecting true/false depends on device.
obniz Board Series is “CMOS level”. See more at device details.