Webhook lets you know what users are doing to your WebApp.


In the WebApp settings screen, there is an item called webhook.
Fill in the URL you want to receive the webhook in this part, and the webhook will be done with the POST method


The webhook is a POST method and the body is a json and the format is as follows.

  type: 'install.create',
  data: {
  • type: key of what prompted this webhook.
  • data: Data based on type.

The type can be one of the following

  • oauth.create
    Your user has approved your WebApp
  • oauth.delete
    User has removed your WebApp authorization.
  • install.create
    The user has installed your WebApp
    The data contains the install object
  • install.update
    A user has changed your WebApp settings.
    The data contains the install object
  • install.delete
    A user has uninstalled your WebApp.
    The data contains the install object

About Retry

Even if the response to Webhook is not 200 series, we do not retry.