Create a WebApp

By creating a WebApp, you will be able to manage your accounts and devices through the APIs of users who use the obniz cloud.

The WebApps that can be created are “hosted” type WebApps that can be obtained with the user’s approval to obtain an OAuth token. You can get a token to operate the obniz cloud API by using a token.

In addition, the obniz cloud allows users to “install” apps and obtain information about installed apps using WebApp tokens issued in WebApp units.

(This feature is currently available as a beta version. Changes may occur that are not compatible)

Create a WebApp

From the Developer Console, select “App Development” > “Web Apps” and fill in the required information.

Webhook URL
This is the URL to use with webhook.

Required Authority
The access rights that this WebApp requires of the user.

  • user: Account information such as the user’s email address
  • device: Owned devices
  • repository: Files in the repository (this feature is undisclosed in the API)
  • event: serverless event

For each.

  • NONE: unnecessary
  • read: Read only.
  • full: Read / Update / Create

Set the above permissions. It also appears on the user’s approval screen to see what this WebApp is capable of doing.

Configurations at Install
This is a configuration item when a user installs this web application. If nothing else, the user can install the app at the touch of a button.
The most likely solution is to have the user set up an OBNIZ ID.
This setting allows you to select the Type, whether the input is text or selection, one of which is “obniz id”.
If you set obniz id, it is a special type that shows the ID in the user’s Web application list and can get the information of the obniz (access token, etc.) together with it in the Installs() request of the obniz cloud API.

This is a category of apps on the WebApp store.

Creation and Tokens

The app can be created by pressing the Create button at the bottom of the page.
Once created, your WebApp id and WebApp token will be available for review.
At this stage, you can use the API regardless of whether it’s public or private to the store.
You can use the API call to get information about webapp right now.
It is also possible to obtain the user’s OAuth Token and allow the user to install the app.


There is a screening process for apps to be published on the store. For more information, please see the release on the store.

Also, there is a limit to the number of WebApps per account. Please contact us if you want to create an app that is above the limit.