Even if you do not create the program yourself, you can use the prepared program as an app.
There are tools to try a little program and to help you during development.

Once you ’ve installed an app, you ’ll always have access to it,
You can use it immediately.

Getting Start

First, create your account from Sign In.
Second, Registrate your device to your account or a buy a devicekey on obniz cloud. It can be done on Device.


Select the app you want to use from WebApp List.
Press the install button on the right side of the app.

It is necessary to set the app for installation.
After entering the setting items, you can install with the install button.

If you want to try out the app as it is, press the “Install and run” button.

Run App

From WebApp on User Console, you can go to the app execution screen by selecting the installed app.
For details on how to use each app, please check the details page of each app.