By registrating an official device to your account, your device can be managed from obniz cloud and more features comes for you for free (Lite Plan).

Now only “obniz Board” can process this registration.


All registrated devices are listed in Developer’s console > Device Managment. On top-right side, there is “Add device” button.

Next view ask you device registration or generation devicekey for obnizOS. Choose “Use Officla device”.

First step is preparation.
Please make sure your device you want to register is powered on and connected to Wi-Fi.

Type obnizId. It is displayed on your device. Hyphen doesn’t matter.
If obnizId you input is not exist or already registrated to another account, then an error will be displayed.

Next, your device will show random number on it’s display. Type the same number on the form. It random number will be discarded after a while. When you mis typed, new one will be displayed.

After registration finished, your device will reboot onece.

Now you can see the obnizId in Developer’s console > Device Managment