Generate a Device

A firmware named “obnizOS” make your device as a obniz device by installing it to your micro processors.

To getting start, you need to install obnizOS. And Issueing a devicekey on cloud is required.

(It will consume monthly usage even you were Lite plan user. See more at Pricing)

obnizOS page will help you how to start using.

Devicekey Generation

Get start from “Add Device”. It’s on right top of Devices.

Next view ask you device registration or generation devicekey for obnizOS. Choose “Use obnizOS.

Type a number you want to create. It will show additional monthly fee.

Each plan has limitation of active devices. If it exceed, dialog will show an error.

By pressing “Generate DeviceKeys”, DeviceKeys will be created and activated immidiately. And you will be generated device list page. Download devicekeys at onece by pressing Download all.

It is downloadable from each device setting page.

See more about obnizOS at obnizOS Overview.